Booty Bandanas Out Now at KJIm and on Marketplace!!

Laaaaaaadies, you know nothing feels as good as slipping into a pair of boy shorts! Comfy and cute, they hug our curves just right and make even the tiniest bottoms look rotund and simply perfect.  Sooooooooooo..

We are really excited to present our newest release, the Booty Bandanas!!


KJIm Booty Bandana Ad Fat Pack

KJIm Booty Bandana Ad Hot Buns

KJIm Booty Bandana Ad Achievement

KJIm Booty Bandana Ad Butt


Available in 11 cheeky flavors and an amazing fat pack, these cute little diddies will guarantee that even the most slight glance will gain a second look.  Also available in a fat pack (w/ HUD)! At $99L a piece, you can’t go wrong.

Available inworld and on marketplace.  Enjoyyyyy… ;)

<3 Miss K

Nicolette Holiday Mini-Pack Available…NOW :D

Hello ladies and gents, boys and girls!!

Apologies for being away so long.  When I started this project (yes…I consider the store a project because it is always being worked on and changed … hopefully for the better), I never anticipated that 1 – the creative process would be so time consuming or 2 – life would be so busy that I wouldn’t be able to get back to it as often as I would like.  But…that being said, I have a new release just in time for the holidays.  And you want to grab it now because it is GREATLY discounted and currently ONLY available at this price at my main store on The Jersey Shore Sim!

Christmas Colors that Sparkle and make ANY Holiday Festive.

Christmas Colors that Sparkle and make ANY Holiday Festive.

Introducing Nicolette! This figure-favoring slinky backless dress is sure to make any admirer keep all eyes on you as you saunter through the grid in these gorgeous holiday colors. Equipped with a mini hud (shown in picture), you have 4 color options to choose from (Christmas Red, Christmas Green, Christmas Gold and Tinsel) in order to make any holiday party you attend one where you will be the showstopper.

On sale, starting tomorrow, at Grenade Free Weekend at Jersey Shore (or today if you get over there … now :P) this wonderful mini-pack is available for 1/4 of the price. That’s right! This dress is marked down to 25% off as an introductory promo! $100L for four dresses??  Yes!

So get on down to Jersey Shore and get this gorgeous pack before it goes full price!

The full Nicolette line will be released over the weekend.  Twelve satin colors with a kiss of sparkle on the chest, a special color for the group gift, a HUD for the fatpack that also works with this Holiday Pack (O.O)…what more could you want?!?


Pardon the Dust!


KJIm @ Jersey Shore – Under Construction

Hello and Happy 1st of August!!

I trust everyone is enjoying the last of summer.  And if not…you SHOULD be!! LOL

This is just a quick note to let you know that due to some unforeseen changes on a couple of the sims my stores are on, all KJIm Apparel locations inworld are down for remodeling!  KJIm Apparel items can still be purchased however at our marketplace location on line:

I should be done setting up the new locations in about two weeks (or less). So stay tuned and apologies for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions about products and the like by all means shoot me an IM inworld, or you can reach me via the KJIm Apparel page on Facebook!

Have a great day!

<3 Kilo

Introducing Amaya Mesh Coat Dress!

I know it’s been forever since KJIm has come out with a new release, but finally we have something new!!

Introducing Amaya Mesh Coat Dress (with matching heels)!

Amaya: Houndstooth lined in Black

Click to enlarge

Available in 14 colors and a fat pack, this short and sassy, sexy yet classy outfit comes with matching heels and is available in the 5 mesh standard sizes for ladies.  Currently only available on marketplace, this gorgeous outfit is set at $198L and will soon be available inworld at both our main store on Glendale and our satellite store at Jersey Shore!

KJIm Amaya Coat Dress Ad Fatpack

KJIm Amaya Coat Dress Ad Amber

KJIm Amaya Coat Dress Ad Hot Pink

KJIm Amaya Coat Dress Ad Sapphire

Be sure to swing by. Much more is on the way for the fellas and for our little ones :-)

Have a great day!
<3 Kilo

Stand4Love Logo

KJIm, GFW & Stand4Love


- GFW 05/30/2013


We are participating in this week’s Grenade Free Weekend over at the Jersey Shore Sim!!

KJIm: Duffy Dress - Olympic Blue

Duffy Dress Ad Squared

This weekend only, the Squared and the Olympic Blue are on sale for 25% off!

Looking for a throwback to go-go dresses and boots? Looking for that reminder of the swinging 60′s baby (yeah!! – Maybe referencing Austin Powers isn’t a very good idea :P)??

Well look no further than the cute, but spunky Duffy Dress. Short, sassy but definitely cute, this almost knee-length frock sports a classic old-school feel with billowy wing-like arms and a sass all its own. Available in 8 colors and a demo, Duffy will be sure to highlight your long legs and bring out the vintage go-go dancer in YOU.

So stop by Jersey Shore and shop til you drop. All colors are available at the main store and on the 2nd floor of the Jersey Shore location.! (lm is at the end of the newsletter)


Stand4Love LogoKJIm Apparel is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Stand4Love Campaign! Our free item to honor this amazing movement will be released this weekend and will be unisex! So swing by on Saturday afternoon to grab your freebie!

Here’s a little bit of history about Stand4Love

In June 2012, the Stand4Love Campaign, headed by RicoRacer Flux-Clarity & Editorial Clarity-Flux, launched to raise awareness and show support of marriage equality.

The campaign had a tremendous amount of support and backing from people in Second Life. We had over 700 images of support telling us why they stand for love submitted to us and placed on our Flickr and in the blog. We had content creators of all kinds make unique items from T-Shirts to Pose Sets, from Support badges to pillows! We had amazing bloggers and photographers taking part and helping to advertise the campaign across the grid and the web. All this support made the campaign an amazing success and it something we plan to repeat, if not BETTER this year!

If you wish to submit a picture for this event, please do so by June 30th!


1: Take a picture of yourself or your friends in a plain (WHITE or BLACK) background and add the STAND4LOVE Logo.

NAME the picture STAND4LOVE (Your Name). Feel free to copy the logos in this page or ask Editorial Clarity, RicoRacer Flux or Stand4Love Resident in-world. Please NO NUDITY or PORN as we are not allowed to publish sexually explicit pictures and we want to keep the site for General Audience Viewing.

2.Put your name in the picture, your country and your message of support.
You can add your title/business/what you do and anything else that matters to you…if you want. If you have a business in SL, you may put your business logo as well in the picture.

3. PLEASE MAKE THE PICTURES SQUARE preferrably 1024×1024 or 512×512 in size.
It is easier for us to post square pictures in the blog and in the upcoming gallery inworld. Make your picture FULL PERMISSION if you send it to us inworld so we can upload it.

4. Submit your pictures to Stand4Love Resident inworld or email:
Please submit from JUNE 1 to JUNE 30, 2013. All pictures received will be published here in this blog. It will also be promoted in Stand4Love Facebook page and Flickr group. We will be opening a huge gallery inworld to display your STAND4LOVE entries.

5.Kindly upload your picture to our Flickr Site here:
Feel free to tag RicoRacer Flux and/or Editorial Clarity in your picture in flickr or facebook so we can find it.

6 If you do not wish or cannot take your own picture, we do offer official photographers who have agreed to take photos if needed. These so far are FALBALA FAIREY, DANA YOTOV. We shall add more as the campaign goes on.

Submit them from JUNE 1 to JUNE 30, 2013. Thank you. ♥

If you’d like to become a sponsor or help in any way, please visit their blog, or contact RicoRacer Flux or Editorial Clarity inworld.

Have a great weekend and remember KJIm Apparel is quality fashion that you and your family can afford.

KJIm Apparel @ Jersey Shore

KJIm Apparel Mainstore

KJIm Apparel Marketplace –
KJIm in-world group: secondlife:///app/group/c6410fdf-7623-cb20-d21f-d34e2d2469a1/about

KJIm Apparel on the web:

If you are interested in blogging for KJIm Apparel please send a NC or instant message to Kilolo Jenkins inworld for an application.

KJIm Apparel in Grenade Free Weekend @ Jersey Shore!!

Helloooooo guys and girls!!

We are participating in this week’s Grenade Free Weekend over at the Jersey Shore Sim!!

And this weekend’s offerings are strictly for the fellas (well…unless the ladies just like wearing em :P)

Four pairs of our Carlo Low-Rise Boxers are on sale at 25% off this weekend.

Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Titanium
Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Tarheel Blue
Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Rhubarb
Carlo Low-Rise Boxers-Black

At $37L for this weekend only, these boxers truly are a steal! But if these colors aren’t to your liking head upstairs, to the main store or even to our marketplace (all info is below) and you can buy the other pairs for $50L!

Also…new items coming soon…so definitely stay tuned. ;)

Have a great weekend and remember KJIm Apparel is quality fashion that you and your family can afford.

Here’s your ride to Jersey Shore! Just click here.

KJIm Kismet Ad Pride Flag

KJIm Apparel in Grenade Free Weekend!

Grenade Free Wednesday @ Jersey Shore has been changed tooooooooo…

GRENADE FREE WEEKEND!!! That’s right, y’all!! And guess who’s in this weekend’s sale? KJIm Apparel yo! These two items are marked down to 100L and on sale ALL weekend long! Now, remember – the Kismet Strapless Bodysuit Autism Puzzle item is a charity item, meaning that 100% of the sales are going to Autism Awareness in conjunction with Lighting the Way. So if you want a little summin for your donation, there ya go!

And if these two don’t tickle your fancy, there’s about 15 other color options to choose from, so definitely go, take a look and enjoy (the other color options, however ARE regular price which is only $125L). All items are available on my marketplace and gifting options are marketplace only. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy


100% of every sale of this outfit goes to charity. This item is for the Lighting the Way – Autism Awareness event and if you’d like to know more, please contact SouthernComfort Magic inworld.


Pride flag was made in honor of my extended family and friends in both the real world and this alternate universe as a show of support for all human life’s choices. No one should be ashamed to love. And for that I stand behind everyone’s choice to do just that, regardless of orientation. <3

Other color options include: Amaranth (plain and print), Auburn, Black, Bright Green, Cream (plain and cream rose print), Electric Blue, Emerald, Gunmetal, Pink, Red, Vermillion, Violet, Yellow and of course a fat pack with all color options (except the Autism Puzzle outfit) is always available.