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Hey everyone!


KJIm Poses’ Facebook, Flickr & Blog have moved to new addresses!

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Be sure to like, follow and join the new groups as this blog will be shutting down very soon!


Party On Ladies…Party On…

Birthdays, holidays, solemn occasions…what do they all have in common? PARTIES.  And what makes for a most excellent party for any lady one the grid? Good clothes I say!  So while trying to find that perfect top to go with that killer skirt or those snug jeans, shorts or leggings…head on over to KJIm Apparel for our newest release: The Party Girl Halter Top!


Twelve colors, sold individually and as a fat pack with a color-change hud (and two bonus color choices)…this piece is sure to dazzle no matter what you wear with it.  With bold colors, bright and vibrant…you simply can’t go wrong.

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And in addition to these wonderful selections, we also have a new group gift!  Party girl is also available in bright green in the back of the store.


So if you’re looking for something a little…different and really want to stand out…head back to the back of the store and scoop it up!

All regular items are available both inworld and on marketplace so be sure to get your shop on … today!  Landmark and MP link are both in the sidebar to the right!




Update, Newness & a Gift (Oh My)!

Why hello all!  This month we’ve got a couple of things for you!

Up for grabs is an update to one of our classic pieces! Re-introducing the Genesis Strapless Gown!

KJIm Genesis Ad-promo.png

This elegant dress has been updated to be…MESH BODY COMPATIBLE! That’s right! So now instead of just the standard 5 mesh sizes, this gown is available for the Maitreya, Slink and Belleza bodies; all for the same price as before!  It’s perfect for a night out dancing, a wedding or even…a masquerade, something I’m sure a lot of you lovely ladies will be going to this month! This sleek number give just a peek of your derriere while keeping it classy with a shimmering edge and bottom to it.  Available in 12 colors (sold separately) or in a 12-color hudded fat pack (with an additional 4 colors … THAT’S 16 colors!!), you will be sure to dazzle with the best of them. Don’t forget: the group gift for this dress has also been updated and is in the back of the store!

And now for something new that’s for the ladies and the gents!

Have you ever been the … survivor of overprotective parents who always say to your date, “I have gun and know how to use it!” or “I know places to bury the bodies if you don’t get my princess home on time!”  Well now is your turn to torment your kids!  Introducing the first in the parental tees line for KJIm: Daughter/Gun/Shovel/Alibi!


They come together in one pack, so you can pass the matching shirt to your co-parent (aka partner in crime)! Available in 9 colors or as a fat pack, this item is fun for … well maybe not your kiiiiids … but definitely for YOU! Available NOW inworld and on marketplace, this bargain needs to be got…so go get it!

And last but not least: my pose shop, KJIm Poses, has released our first group gift for the shop!  See this couple standing up top with the t-shirts?  Well we’ve made it so that anyone short or tall can use it.  It’s called United Peeps and is available across the way on the counter at KJIm Poses. So be sure to go pick it up!

I’m beat!  So I think…I’m going to give myself a quick little time out. 😉


❤ Miss Kilo

Ribbons and Zula the Fighter for RFL

Well hellooooooo!

I hope everyone is doing ok!  I’ve been…BUSY!  The past week or so I’ve been working hard on getting items ready for two causes I hold very close to my heart: Autism Awareness & Relay for Life! But before we get into the information about the latter, let me show you what I’ve been working on!

First up, one of my favorite pieces…is BACK!  Back in July, I made this outfit in purple for a wonderful fundraiser for a fellow SL resident who was battling Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I wanted to do more in other colors, but never found the time until recently when I signed on to help Team Purple Tears with the Family Fun Fair (starting TODAY [super excited!! 😀 ]) and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to honor the people in my life that have inspired (and continue to inspire) me throughout my life. Each of them are warriors and fighters in their own right and I so fortunate to have shared a portion of time with each of them. So without further ado…Zula the fighter!

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Next up, I wanted something that all ages could wear, enjoy and show their support for their loved ones with…without it being “too” girly but also something fun. Sooooo presenting the 2016 one-strap backpack – awareness ribbons 2016!

KJIm One Strap Backpack Ad-Awareness Ribbons RFL 2016

All textures hand-drawn onto the item, this adorable backpack comes in 4 pre-fitted sizes, but also contains a resizer in each to aid with getting you that perfect fit while roaming the grid!

And last but not least, an offering from my newest venture: KJIm Poses!

KJIm Poses Ad-No Kissies

This little nugget was inspired by a former child of mine who thought she was too grown for mommy’s kisses (LOL…kids)!  This pose captured the moment perfectly.

These items are being sold exclusively at the Purple Tears Family Fun Fair that starts at noon SLT today and goes until April 17th!

Also up for sale at the fair (though not exclusively…so I’m HIGHLY encouraging you to go to the fair to get these are my KJIm Kids Chill Chairs!!

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These adorable chairs, sized for toddleedoo avis are bright, colorful and set to compliment ANY room you’re in!  And at a discounted price for the fair, you’ll not only be decorating your room in amazing style…you’ll be donating to a good cause as well!

That’s right! ALL sales for my items being sold at the Family Fun Fair will be going directly to The American Cancer Society via Relay for Life – Second Life.

This week-long event is jam-packed with vendors, activities, performances and fun for the entire family!  There will be raffles, giveaways and so much more.  So swing by, enjoy the carousel, live performances and shop til you drop!

Take care kiddos and fam!  All info on the fair itself and RFL are below.

❤ Miss Kilo

Bus ride to the fair:
Family Fun Fair Website:
Family Fun Fair Calendar of Activities:
Relay for Life – SL website:
Relay for Life:
The American Cancer Society:


Moving Day!

So over the past week, I’ve been looking at how my SLife has changed and is changing and thought it was time to start merging a lot of what I do in SL.

Soooooooooo…KJIm & KJIm Kids Apparel now live under the same roof! Here! Take a look around. 😀

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The top floor will be devoted to all KJIm Kids releases while our main floor will be more for our grown folks. If you’re shopping as a family, this will be great for you because not only can you enjoy the experience of shopping together but you can have a relaxing lunch over in our little park across the street equipped with a table for you and your friends or family as well as a nice swing set to catch some of the breeze in your hair.

New releases will be coming over the next few weeks so stay tuned! And thank you for sticking with us over the year at KJIm.  We love having you as part of our family.

❤ Miss Kilo